TopicHow Much Weight Can You Lose Per Week

  • Sat 9th Nov 2019 - 3:49am

    Why would that be the case Is it simply Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Review  because people do not try hard enough

    Wrong approach
    No, it is because they follow the wrong approach. We all know the old adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". So, looking at that approach, will it help if I eat no apples from Monday to Saturday, and then I eat seven apples on Sunday Of course not! Only a stupid person would think that could work.Back to our dieting topic... the secret is doing it gradually - it is much better losing a little every day than to lose a lot once a week.Do you agree Of course it makes sense. Millions of dieters work this way with their diets, though. They think that they can skip dieting today and get back to it tomorrow. That is the wrong approach.

    Right approach
    So what is the right approach Let us look first at this statement: "Your past behaviour and habits have brought you to where you are today (overweight), so you need to change your behaviour and your habits in order to effectively lose weight." You can NOT continue doing the same things as in the past and expect a different result in the future! It just does not work that way!So the right approach is to start with your thinking. Realise that you will have to do things differently in the future. And then DO those thin


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