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  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 11:35am

    All military persons and policemen strive to ensure people’s safety and they are the reason why public feel more safe and secure while roaming around the different corners of city. Along with ensuring other’s safety, it is important that they are also attentive to their own safety. This is why Blades & Triggers boasts of its impeccable collection of folding pocket knife which is a classic weapon to keep, for these saviors’ safety. The store has exceptional collection of pocket knife and other safety products delivering to their customers with full contentment. Blades & Triggers has a wide range of first rate services and products which is catered among their customers by the hand of its amiable and professional staff. The staff at Blades & Triggers is proficient and experienced in their explicit fields.

    For example the Alpha series of the store in folding pocket knives is the most eminent weapon for military and police specific forces units. These knives are famous for being gullible under the hyper stress situations. The design of these knives is pertinent for both the handed and fit comfortably even on wearing self defense gloves. The alpha series knives also have a carry flip which is irreversible so that it can fit comfortably and firmly beneath the pockets. These knives are disassembled conveniently with a plain head screwdriver or by using penny into handle screws. Blades & Triggers is serving with personal safety weapons since 1997 with its nine retail branches located at different places in South Africa on great prices. With Blades & Triggers, you can do secure and safe shopping of self defense safety equipment.

    Blades & Triggers delivers all of its products with R50 fast delivery with hassle-free returns and the store offers several ways of making payment. The store is successful because of hosting its promotions and sales along with having a phenomenal product selection for choosing from. Blades & Triggers has an extensive knowledge of its industry and it is a renowned store for safety weapons. The store is backed by the unparalleled assistance of its members in operations, finance and online enquiries or orders. Blades & Triggers has its international suppliers in order to identify the worldwide trends. This helps the store in staying ahead at the market with its exclusive services and products for the customers. Blades & Triggers also offers other things along with safety weapons such as military shoes, foot wears, clothing, batteries etc.

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