Topic Treatment and Management of Urticaria

  • Wed 14th Mar 2018 - 4:38am

    In addition to the embarrassment caused by sweaty armpits Natural Skin Care and clothes wet with sweat, body odor may emanate due to secretion of sweat; when you don't have a deodorant or body sprays handy, the stench will be offensive to others.

    Many products are now available to subdue excessive perspiration, antiperspirants being the most common among them. Recently, contoured pads have been developed for men and are available in most of the stores. These pads are either deodorized or fragrance-free, and have been designed to fit in the armpits and absorb the sweat, thereby preventing it from spreading all over the shirt. Now you should understand that such pads aren't a form of treatment for the sweat-dripping armpits; rather, they're simply some devices to help living with profuse sweating more comfortable.

    Lifestyle and dietary modifications may help to mitigate the problem of excessive sweating. You should avoid the dishes with spicy ingredients which burn your mouth and raise the body temperature, thereby inducing profuse sweating. Hot drinks like coffee and tea, and also alcoholic drinks have a similar effect on the body and make it to sweat excessively.

    Antiperspirants are likely to give you some relief, but if your case of sweating is extreme, use of such products may prove to be costly rather than being helpful. Some people would need a whole stick or bottle of antiperspirant every day to minimize the perspiration. So after a couple of days the costs of procuring the antiperspirants would add up to a tidy sum.

    In layman's language Urticaria is called hives; so do not think they are two different medical conditions.

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