TopicTrinity Technology Group (TTG): Offering the Best Membrane Filtration Systems

  • Tue 20th Feb 2018 - 12:23pm

    Thinking of purchasing premium quality Membrane Filtration System? If you do, then Trinity Technology Group (TTG) is the perfect place for you. It is committed towards providing its customers with supreme quality and innovative PTFE products. The company also offers services related to it by collaborating with suppliers and customers across the globe and providing them with proper solutions. They are committed towards providing their clients with consistent quality and also work on improving the effectiveness of the management systems as per ISO 9001:2008. They boast an experience of more than 50 years and provide ePTFE solutions for the fabric and filtration fields.

    Below mentioned is the list of products offered by Trinity Technology Group (TTG):

    • Microvent Membrane - They provide many manufactures of consumer and industrial apparel markets with high quality ePTFE membrane films that are known to protect people from chemicals, blood borne pathogens, wind and moisture. They also offer films which are sub-micron rated for several microfiltration applications.
    • Filtration- Trinity Technology Group (TTG) produces laminates and membranes for industrial filtration that are used for filtering particulates from solids, liquids and air as well. They make use of the state of the art processing equipment for converting the fine powder of PTFE resins into membranes of ePTFE and for applying them to the textiles they use in-house thermal bonding equipment.
    • Micro-venting- They supply several converter and packaging companies with the products that have been designed to provide protection to the equipment from any sub micron particulates or moisture and also allowing pressure regulation and air movement. These venting products are used for a variety of applications in day to day life. Its few applications include electronic devices, spray bottle venting, and many more.
    • Waterproof breathable fabric - Trinity Technology Group (TTG) is known to produce and supply premium quality waterproof breathable fabrics to many consumer apparel and industrial apparel makers. They employ only the cutting edge technology for manufacturing membranes which are water resistant and of good quality and fulfill all the parameters decided for standard quality and find their usage in various applications.

    Undoubtedly, these products are not just up to the mark but can also be used for various applications. Therefore, visit Trinity Technology Group (TTG) today and buy premium quality products that would not fail to satisfy you in any way.

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