TopicAnd this readiness to fulfill all the

  • Thu 15th Aug 2019 - 4:42am

    Provexum UK And this readiness to fulfill all the requirements (of course, within its powers), simply cannot but arouse sexual fantasies. 7. Waitress In psychology, the desire of a man to have a woman in the form of a waitress is completely analogous to that of a flight attendant. Judge for yourself - nice smile, short skirts, tight shirts, often accompanied by a deep neckline. And all this in addition to the desire to be useful and satisfy all wishes. Well, what kind of man would stand from wanting to be at least once with such a woman? If a woman invites a man to do whatever he wants (in this case, what he orders), then it automatically becomes the most desirable for him. Appearance here is also important. But not critical. In the case of the waitress, the passion adds that the man is often in a not sober state, communicating with her. You can become desirable for your man in the form of a waitress, completely without resorting to drinking. Although, a romantic glass of good wine and not interfere. 8. Maid Probably many of you have seen the movie “The Lady of the Maid” with Jennifer Lopez in the lead role. Of course, most men dream of such maids in luxury hotels, and not of elderly aunts in a socialist hotel, more like a hostel. The desire for sex with a maid can be explained as in the case of a secretary. Because the maid is a servant, guided by the motto "the client is always right." She fulfills the demands of a man without question, she works to appease. It is true that sometimes when a man sees her vacuuming under a bed, fantasy quickly disappears. In other words, men love when a woman does something according to his instructions. But she must do it beautifully and sexually. If you want to use the role of the maid in your role-playing games in bed for two, do not resort to dusting or washing dishes. You can simply bring the drinks man "in the room" or change his bed linen. 9. Slave or Concubine This is something similar to the image of the secretary, maid, waitress or flight attendant. Only, while in other cases, women gladly fulfill the wishes of the client, here she simply has no choice. In this role, a woman is usually bound or chained. In the sex shops sold special fur handcuffs, with which you can chain your "slave" to the bed. She first resists, and then obediently fulfills all the requirements of her “master”.

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