• Tue 13th Aug 2019 - 5:53pm

    Keto 10X  In the latter he dedicates a whole chapter to the benefits of eating less, at least a few days, as a way to slow the degenerative processes of the brain. "In the brain, eating less results in a whole series of genetic, molecular and cellular changes that protect it from the increase in free radicals that occur during aging," says Mora. Among many other things, eating less also activates genes that were asleep, related to greater agility in mental processes, motor behavior, learning and memory ... And it protects us against the incidence of typical diseases of old age, especially those of neurodegenerative type. "An alternative food intake pattern, consisting of eating one day the average of the amount that has been ingested in the last three years and the next 20% –30% of that amount, can be a good rule to maintain the organism and the brain active, "he says. Some patterns that can be adopted at any age and that will help us internalize what you have to eat to live, and not vice versa.


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