TopicStrength Training For Cycling

  • Mon 22nd Jul 2019 - 10:09am

    Strength is the most undertrained facet of most endurance athletes.  Anadrole  Most cyclists worry about building muscle that will stop them getting up the next long climb! Getting strong though does not necessarily mean growing muscle. No one could consider that any cyclist in the Tour de France is not strong or over muscled. Although genetically blessed to have bodies capable of climbing mountains on two wheels these ultimate endurance athletes in the off- season when away from competition will compliment their training with drills to help strengthen their torso and lower body.

    Consider that strength provides the foundation for speed and endurance so improving this facet of fitness can help improve performance on the bike. If you do not improve your maximum strength levels it is hard for your power, speed and endurance capabilities to improve. This can be what is considered a plateau in training where quite simply you have to try something different to what you are doing in your current training to see improvements. Including a strength based conditioning programme has a number of benefits firstly it can help improve your power output and improve performance. Secondly, it can help balance the body and address the negative impact of being in a hunched position with a rounded back (common in cycling which can cause poor posture and possible injury). Thirdly, it provides a different training stimulus and varies your training which is important if you want to keep on progressing. If stuck in a rut with your training this could give you the push to get of that training plateau!

    This programme aims to improve your strength levels in the muscles that can assist your cycling. This programme aims to accelerate your performance by developing strength in the lower body and balancing the stresses of being on the bike. If you are new to gym training start with light weights before attempting a tougher workout. All of the exercises in the routine are paired. You should complete each set of exercises for the number of sets and reps specified before moving on to the next pairing.



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