TopicWhat Type of Hearing Test Do You Need

  • Mon 22nd Jul 2019 - 8:01am

    Though you may realize there is a problem, you may not know where to get the hearing test you need.  Tinnitus Terminator  Generally speaking there are two forms most people need to have throughout their lifetimes. One is a screening and the second is an evaluation. The difference in the two is how thorough the testing is and what the proposed problems could be. As you will see when you arrive at your doctor's office for such screenings, there are numerous steps your doctor can take to get a better idea of what your ability to hear is.

    What Is a Screening

    One of the most basic options available to doctors for a hearing test is a screening. This is usually the first step. It does not identify any specifics about your loss, such as what types of sounds you can and cannot hear. Rather, it provides enough information for your doctor to then determine if you need to have further evaluations done. This may even be done in your family doctor's office where more formal testing is done by a specialist. In a screening, the doctor will check your hearing to determine if you need further evaluation. He or she will not be able to tell you specific levels of loss or types of loss at this point.

    What Is an Evaluation

    On the other hand, a second testing method is far more thorough. The evaluation looks specifically at why you may have some loss. This is an in-depth assessment of your situation. It is done by a specialist called an audiologist. The professional will then take you through a series of steps that will help you to determine what you can and cannot hear as well as what levels of sound are necessary in order for you to hear what is happening. This is a necessary testing option for those who have a potential need to wear a device.

    With the information from an evaluation, the audiologist will then be able to determine what types of technology and various devices may work for you to restore some of your loss. Not everyone will benefit from this, but most who have gradual loss will have this benefit. You may even be able to have a fitting for the device the same day so you can start to hear better right away.





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