TopicBenefits of Sleep Melatonin

  • Mon 22nd Jul 2019 - 7:02am

    One of the most complex diseases known in our existence is cancer and how to effectively  Native Rest   treat or cure it to prolong life. While there are many hopes in treatment advancement with cancer, one has been the study of sleep melatonin as it relates to treating tumors. Some studies have shown certain benefits when melatonin is taken in dosages of 10 to 40 milligrams. There is still much research on the subject and much to be learned and applied. Using melatonin as a treatment for cancer is still experimental until more concrete information can be obtained.

    Whether you want to slow your aging progression or increase your longevity, some studies have shown that because of the anti-oxidant properties of sleep melatonin, it may be possible in some cases to obtain both. It is not clear, however, what a proper dosage would be required or how frequent melatonin should be taken. As studies continue to move forward, it is acceptable to take melatonin tablets 2 to 3 nights per week to obtain any benefits it can offer.

    Some over the counter and prescribed sleep aids are capable of suppressing your dreams or causing nightmares in some cases. Sleep melatonin can lead to vivid and memorable dreams that can actually be enjoyable. At the same time, just as with the other sleep aids, nightmarish dreams are possible if melatonin is taken in doses higher than 3 milligrams. Dreams are less intense, however, if the dosage levels remain in the.5 to 1 milligram range.




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