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    That is to say, breitling navitimer replica while it is thinning the watch, it does not sacrifice the performance of the watch, and uses a number of original technologies to ensure the performance of the watch.

    Although it is a multi-plate structure, there is almost no gap between the bridges of the 581DR movement, and the way of fixing the guide rails at the tourbillon is different; the circular automatic disc is the great hero that makes this movement close to the thickness of most hand-held movements. .

    All are working with semiconductor companies (or R&D institutions) to develop production. The 5377 Tourbillon is only 7mm thick and has a thickness of 3mm. As for the silicon escape wheel, the characteristics of lightweight, non-wearing and anti-magnetic have been established, and the lubrication problem is also greatly reduced, which is superior to the traditional steel wheel. Although the pallet does not use silicon parts, it also adopts special alloy steel and has nonmagnetic properties, thus ensuring that the entire timing system is not affected by external magnetic fields, which is extremely complicated for complex The sign of the two conversions was that the fixed sun gear became a rotatable power input wheel, and the watchturntable carrying the transmission chain was adjusted with the hour hand, brietling watch replica and the minute hand was also adjusted.and magnetically dispersed modern environments. Be applicable.

    The ornamentation on the faceplate is all hand-carved. Different blocks have their own presentation. The energy storage indicator zone is a mountain-shaped pattern (also known as a herringbone pattern), the center is a nail pattern, and the outermost circle is a wheat grain pattern.

    It is familiar to the audience outside the audience: the body of the coin engraved, welded lugs, asymmetrical seemingly random face plate, metal plate with a variety of hand-carved lines and other flowers. On this watch, the center is nail-stitched, the outer ring has wheat ears, and the energy storage indicator block has a mountain-shaped pattern. There are gold dots on the scale every five minutes. Of course, there are invisible signatures that can be seen at special angles. The faceplate is marked "Swiss Guilloche Main" at six o'clock. It is the meaning of "hand-cut faceplate".Although it is also a circular automatic disc, the creative concept of each family is also different. Its automatic disc directly drives the barrel, and there is no automatic car in the middle. The concept is extremely unique.

    The titanium alloy cage design evolved from the design of 1841, and it is combined with the four-car structure, so it can save considerable thickness, with extremely lightweight titanium balance, silicon balance spring, best replica watches uk silicon escape wheel.

    Another achievement of mens replica watch ultra-thin genius lies in the barrel. From the back of the watch, it is easy to find that it is a hanging barrel. It is not covered by the bridge itself. It is relatively rare in modern watches, usually only ultra-thin. The watch will be designed in such a way that it has two patents on the hanging barrel, which are the unique combination of the barrel and the special barrel of the barrel. In addition to the excellent thickness, the energy storage is also Up to 80 hours, far better than the traditional single barrel.

    The circular automatic disc is not special in the world of the table. Since the brand has been invested in research and development for decades, it has only been more practical in recent years. Strictly speaking, the movement can be seen without paying attention. In the age of the whole appearance, the circular automatic disk does not have much advantage. Although it can reduce the thickness of the movement, it will increase the diameter of the movement. If the big watch wave is not formed, then it has no use. However, after the change of the aesthetics of the watch, the brand did not mind the increase in the diameter of the movement, but it was hoped that the thickness would be reduced, so the development of the circular automatic disk was revived.

    The way it is used is undoubtedly the common gear-driven ring-shaped automatic disc, which is the most structurally safe; the other is the cam-type drive, as long as the concave and convex curve is polished in the inner ring part of the circular automatic disc, and the lever is driven. It is possible to form an automatic winding structure similar to the "magic lever" type. The shortcomings of the ring-shaped automatic disc are well known. The lack of efficiency in the winding is the first problem that must be overcome. It is based on the normal attack method. It uses platinum to create an automatic disc with three ball bearings to maximize the buy replicas watch swing mass and minimize the friction.

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