TopicLose Stomach Fat Quickly - 3 Colossal Fat Loss Time Wasters You MUST Avoid

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 11:49am

    To lose stomach fat quickly, often times it's only minor changes that make all the difference. And these minor  Fave Food Diet Review  changes can make a big difference in terms of how fast you lose fat. Avoid getting tied up in the following three complete time wasters, and you'll be way ahead in the fat loss game.

    What a great idea! Eat hardly anything to lose stomach fat fast. One bottle of some sort of juice drink at a drugstore stated you could lose "lose 10 pounds in one day" or some such nonsense. If you like being dehydrated, or only eating a piece of fruit everyday, or having zero energy, or just being plain being miserable, the starvation diet may be just what you're looking for.

    My personal favorite is the ThighMaster. This contraption and all the others rely on the myth of spot reduction. Without another form of exercise you won't lose stomach fat quickly with an AbRoller, or thigh fat with the ThighMaster. It would be impossible. You may strengthen the parts of your body these gadgets target, but realistically you're not going to lose fat with these things. As is the case with diet pills, exercise gadgets do more to waste your time than anything.

    Roughly 40 billion dollars a year is spent on worthless diet pills. Unbelievable. Shouldn't everyone be skinny by now? Ridiculous how easy they make it sound, but funny thing about the pills is that there always seems to something in the directions about not eating anything after 6 p.m., or after dinner. So what's making you lose weight? Is it the pill? Or is it shaving a few hundred calories a day off your diet by not eating anything after dinner? "Results may vary" is another story entirely.



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