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    The causes behind man boobs can in some cases be genetic. In other Erection Xpansion System Review cases it can be a hormonal imbalance. However in the vast majority of cases the causes of man boobs can be attributed to a poor diet and a lack of exercise. Some men take the drastic step of having surgery to remove the fat off the chest. This is an expensive option, not to mention painful. In virtually most cases a surgical procedure is not required.

    Also removal by surgery does not address the cause. This means that at some point you may be back to square one. You can get rid of your chest fat by changing your diet and focusing on selective chest fat exercises. You need to check out what you are eating. Stop eating food that is high in sugar and unhealthy fats. These types of food are high in calories, and not something you need if you are trying to get rid of chest fat. Start eating more fresh vegetables and fruits. Also increase your consumption of lean meats like chicken and turkey. It would also be a good idea to get more fish into your diet.

    There are also exercises for man boobs that you can do, that specifically target the chest area. Inclined bench presses are great to firm up the chest. Doing push ups with your feet elevated on a chair or a bench is also a good method. Dips also hit the chest area hard.

    Keep in mind that the exercises above are targeting the muscles on your chest, they will not target the fat in a great way. The way to lose fat is through cardio exercise. It does not matter which exercises you use, as long as it burns plenty of calories.

    Remember that fat is the result of excessive calories that get stored on your body. The more calories you can burn, the more fat you will lose. Know you know some of the causes of man boobs, the next step is to take action to get rid of your man boobs.

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