TopicAditya World City

  • Sat 23rd Sep 2017 - 1:48pm

    At Aditya World City, there is a something for everyone - apartments, penthouses, plots, and villas as private alternatives, while shopping center has business choices for multiplex and food courts. Aditya world City is a place with modern craftsmen and designs for arranging office and civilities.


    Cool Facilities for Children: Playground Crèche, Play School, Primary school, High School, Excellent availability for instructive institutes and Vocational Training Centres


    Convenient shopping in 5 minutes distance and home conveyance just a call away, ATMs, Service lofts at sensible cost for visitor, Yoga clubs, Health club, Jogging Track/strolling track, Beauty Parlour, Multiplex and shopping

    Facilities for Working Couples, 3 level security for their friends and family when they are working, Shopping, Well maintained club, Gym, Communication, Shopping center, Education facilities for youngsters, Beauty centre, Facilities for Seniors and Spiritual Persons, Temple with religious addressing, Yoga, Walking tracks, Greenery, Meditation space, Health offices

    An abundant township of 185 acres with substantial comfort has considered reserved space for private, business, corporate and others like medicine shops, schools, post

  • Thu 16th Nov 2017 - 9:58am

    I don’t get the point of such fashion. It’s ridiculous and people are getting mad over it. It has nothing to do with or how sober you are looking. This should end, once and for all.

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