Topic5 Gallon Buckets at School

  • Sat 24th Feb 2018 - 9:15am

    Puppet shows. Children absolutely love puppet Reading Head Start shows. Making these puppets as well as enacting out stories from the Bible can really help the children as they have fun with the use of crafts while also learning from the stories that they enact. The puppet shows also allow the children to interact with one another, which builds up their social life and self-esteem plus, making these puppets and enacting them out give them a chance to feel like they are a part of God's mission in spreading the good news of the Bible. For this particular class, you will need some cloth materials felt would be ideal, those googly eyes or you could just use buttons if you don't get those eyes, some wool to make hair and whatever else you think may be necessary to make the puppets.

    Now that you have all the materials, read a story from the Bible and after you have explained what the story is about, assign the different characters to the children and start making the puppets. While they are making the puppets, ask the children what they learned from the story, you can try to relate the story to something that they may be familiar with and once they are done with the puppets, make up a story using the same meanings from the Bible passage that was read out. This way the children get to have fun with the puppets while they also remember what the lesson was aboutTeach them a song. Now you know how much kids love to sing. They may be no Taylor Swifts or a John Mayer but they certainly have the energy levels of one. You can even add a little choreography. The kids would love it. While teaching the song you could even explain what the song is about. That way the kids have fun singing and dancing while also learning a little bit more about the Bible. And if not anything, they will at least will have something that they will always remember and may be they could even teach those songs to their kids when they grow up.

  • Fri 28th Sep 2018 - 2:43pm

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