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  • Tue 20th Aug 2019 - 7:44pm

    skin rash

    I lived all my life with eczema.

    Especially on the arms and legs. Since 2008 also on the neck and on the eyes. The last few years the summers were very hot. Sweat a lot. Severe itching and rash. For me, the Eczema got worse in recent years. I have tried hydrocortisone, cortisone tablets, oak bark, urea ointment, oats as ointment, quite a few creams, etc.
    I searched in forums and wasted $ 3-4000 on many products. Then I took capsules from the lulum plant. After 3 weeks the eczema disappeared. First improvements after 10 days. For 2 years no more trouble with eczema. Now I want to help other people with the Extract of the Lulum plant.
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    I am free ezema, as long as I do not eat wheat products like toast, noodle, bread, pizza etc. Just 3 capsules of Lulum and life is good.

  • Tue 17th Sep 2019 - 11:09am

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