TopicCan Prolong the Service Life of Double Layer Roll of Forming Machine

  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 7:10am

    The utility model adopts the electromagnetic and ultrasonic vibration, vibration compaction effect is good, low operating noise, mechanical consumption is small, with double crank supercharging device at the same time, the compaction effect is good, not only the power and energy consumption is small, high block strength. Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine , metal roll forming machine and cable tray roll forming machine production line main equipment consists of hollow block machine, namely, the term "block molding machine (or hollow brick machine, block machine, cement block machine), and the code machine with hollow block machine, mixer, and transport equipment and so on.

    Cement block molding machine operating system uses the Japanese mitsubishi PLC programmable controller and HMI touch screen control, equipped with data input device, the safety logic control, and fault diagnosis system, which can realize the ideal man-machine dialogue. Perform manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode operation for roll forming machine. Each perform a parameter can be set at random. Can ensure the quality and efficiency of our products.

    Strengthen steel by making the special welding technology. To ensure that the body of good rigidity, since big, does not resonate with the excitation system. Can prolong the service life of these roll forming machines.

    The loading device is using closed belt conveyor, strict control of small material storage capacity to do feeding time, prevent concrete affected by aftershocks and liquefaction in advance, to ensure that the strength of block molding machine.

    Unique vibration mode is using computer control hydraulic system of the flow, pressure, vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, the brake; Advanced machine moulding or vibration mode makes concrete fully liquefied in 2 to 3 seconds, exhaust. When using pressurized excess oil and convert them to shock force, so as to basically eliminate the energy consumption.

    The vibration of the reasonable distribution is through membrane oil cylinder lock molding box on the vibration table, mode and vibration; Pressure head and the other is equipped with special vibrator, in order to increase the effect of the vibration velocity. This form of vibration makes the concrete rapid liquefaction, exhaust, make products to high density, high strength. Can use a variety of large scale waste ash, slag, slag, slag, coal stone, ash, fly ash, stone chips, construction waste can produce all kinds of high quality of bearing or bearing products.

    Industrial waste processing into a variety of new wall materials, such as hollow concrete blocks, such as pore brick, standard brick, not sintering. Automatic block roll form machine is combined with China's internal and external advanced technology, combined with the by the engineer and the development and production experience for many years and design and production of new equipment, the equipment are well received by the customers in Chinese market!


    Additionally, can construct projects, such as Double Layer Roll of Forming Machine projects, for clients around the world. With our professional team of talented engineers, we can design and build products according to customers'specific requirements.

  • Mon 23rd Apr 2018 - 9:50am

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