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  • Mon 19th Feb 2018 - 12:36pm

    A great way to increase your average order value Ecom Profit Sniper is to develop combinations of products that when bought separately would cost more. For example, let's say you sell Apple ipods. You have an ipod Nano for $149.95 and a car adapter priced at $54.95 (a separate cross sell). These items are likely to be purchased together yet when purchased as individual items a customer would have to pay a total of $204.90. By creating a bundled product which includes both items for just $175, you increase your order value from what could have been just $149.95 to a better $175. Think of it as cross selling at a discount. Providing you've priced it correctly, your customers will see it as a deal that can't be passed up. These are just a few examples of the ways you can increase the average order value of your customers and thus increase the revenue your store generates. With proper planning and implementation you can achieve an average order value with your current traffic levels that will put you well on your way toward reaching your ultimate revenue goals.

    As economic times become more difficult and uncertainty increases many business owners have found it tough to sell their products. The ripple effect has hit everyone's pocket book and just as wholesale suppliers are finding sales down, so too are their buyers.Whether you operate on the business to business (B2B) end of the spectrum or on the business to consumer (B2C) end, you no doubt have found these times to be trying. Keep in mind that although tough, it is not impossible to sell and those who continue marketing will win out in the end.While looking to cut expenses in your business now is not the time to eliminate marketing - that's a sure remedy for disaster. Not eliminating marketing yet trying to save on the expense often requires a new plan of approach.



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