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  • Fri 11th Jan 2019 - 11:45am

    It was an old parish with generations of "good Catholic" families, with a cemetery behind the church for the members   Magnetic Laundry System  who had passed along to a "better place."

    At Sunday mass I would sit in confusion, bored with the readings and sermons, and impatient with the kneeling, standing, and sitting.

    I was an altar boy and was often seen daydreaming and fidgeting of girls, music, football, and anything else other than my duties on the altar.

    Occasionally I would get a nasty look with a signal from the priest when I was late ringing the concentration bell (really called consecration) at the most boring part of the mass.

    Of course, at that age I didn't understand it, and is why I thought it was "concentration."

    What I wanted to know about above and beyond how to overcome fear, was the most was the secret conversations Jesus had with the apostles.

    I figured there had to be parts left out of the fragments recorded in the Gospels, which I also suspected had to have been touched up a bit after all these years.

    I wondered what they really talked about while out for the day on Peter's fishing boat.

    How did they hang out together, and did they help one another with how to face your fears?

    What jokes did they tell one another about all the challenges in life? How did they talk about the local women?

    I always believed that Mary Magdalene was Jesus' wife, and I still do. I wanted to know more than the people who wrote the history books were willing to tell us.

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