TopicThe mentality of Italian men

  • Wed 14th Aug 2019 - 9:24am

    One of the attractions of Italy is men. He is ready to cry about and without when he loses. Inter leaves the girl is sick Mamma or in the movie they show a sentimental scene. They are hot-tempered jealous are affectionate touchy but quickly move away. They write soulful SMS in large numbers. Clothing gardening food women soccer a little less - movie. Even less so - travel. Many Italians, if they travel in their own country, and often to the same place.

    They are usually unsportsmanlike but not inclined to completeness except for the Neapolitans who invented pizza. But the main interest of the Italian is parlare. They are extremely talkative, they can do this for hours discussing everything - relations, politics, women's football, but first of all, food. Fewer men from the Apennine Peninsula lead their girls to church and generally down the aisle, but family values ​​remain the core of Italian society.

    Contrary to stereotypes, far from all Italians are sissy, but they are firmly attached to their parental family all their lives, and for the sake of Sunday's dinner with their parents, without hesitation, they will cancel an important meeting or date. If the Italian decided to introduce you to relatives, know that his intentions are serious.

    Real Italians are crazy about life and truly love it. The setting of large-scale architectural buildings makes every moment incredibly romantic, which attracts tourists to such a beautiful country.

  • Thu 12th Sep 2019 - 12:25am

    It would seem that nothing complicated: it is worth coming to Italy, how you are attacked by slender Italian beauties who want to get to know each other (especially often this happens in those resorts where there are always a lot of Russian girls, for example, in Rimini). Tall brunettes wink at you in a cafe, treat you with a cup of coffee with pleasure and easily spin you in a romance full of love and passion. But, alas, more often than not, such relationships remain a resort romance and come to naught after the girl returns home to Russia. Messages and calls are becoming increasingly rare, and your Italian does not even talk about seeing each other again. How to find the same romantic and loving Italian handsome, but for a serious relationship? And where to look for them?

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