TopicCould You Be Sabotaging Your Own Success Online?

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    Figure out how you arrived at the assumption. TooThe Manifestation Millionaire Review often, we extrapolate from one failure to conclude we're no good at something. In my last post I mentioned how getting a D on a paper in 5th grade doomed me to years of believing I was a terrible writer. In high school, I had a happier experience as a competitor on the track team. The first time I encountered a banked track, I had no idea what the banks were for and that they were only used at the beginning of the race. I actually ran up and down each bank, zigzagging my way to the finish line. Not surprisingly, I finished last in that race. I could have thrown my sneakers in the trash, but I didn't. I come from a family of athletic folks and it didn't occur to me to assume that I might be a terrible runner. I figured if I trained harder and asked questions to help prepare for the next race, my performance would improve. And it did.

    Experiment with your assumptions. Perhaps you've been told you're not creative. Well, creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. It might involve paints and an easel; it might mean working with your hands; it might be singing or gardening or cooking. Creativity can also be found in business. People who discover new products, processes, and medicines are certainly creative. Open the door to creativity by taking a class, reading a book, or visiting a museum. Don't just automatically accept the mantle of Not Creative. Find out what you're drawn to explore.


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