TopicAdvanced Flirting Tactics - 3 Tricks You Can Use to Flirt Like a Seduction Superhero

  • Thu 16th May 2019 - 5:34am

    Fractionation involves the use of conversational triggers that will make a woman Text Chemistry  feel emotionally "involved" with you - and in the process get her to feel addicted with you at the same time. As a result, she will end up doing anything you ask her to do. It's amazingly powerful stuffIt might appear as if several men out there are simply born to successfully seduce women, but this is never the case. Everybody needs to learn flirting skills from one place or another. Here are 3 tips to immediately turn into a flirting expert when it comes to women.With these 3 tips, you will become more comfortable around women and make them fall for you in no time. Get out there and have some fun with any woman that you want without feeling the least bit threatened by the alleged expert flirts that you usually see.

    Tip Number One Choose the woman you want and find out her likes and dislikes. Then, the next time you meet up with her, bring her something related to her likes and spend more time talking about her interests. This will show her that you truly made her top priority and she will melt into your arms in no time.Tip Number Two Do not be scared to throw around some money. Take the woman of your choice out for a romantic dinner, a movie of her choice, or even to a beautiful resort and she will dig you. This will be apparent in the way she looks at you, touches you, or even kisses you. If you take care of her and shower her with the attention she craves, she will be more than happy to fall for your seduction game.

    Tip Number Three Make use of subtle tactics of seduction. One tactic is known as fractionation and has the ability to make women fall for men in no time - usually in less than 14 minutes. This technique requires the use of simple conversational anchors to make women feel emotionally connected to you.Reading the thoughts of a woman can be just as hard as reading works by Tan Leong Cheng and Sun Tzu. It oftentimes seems like women say something yet mean something completely different. Because of this, a lot of men get confused whenever they try to read and understand the thoughts of a woman.

    This may prove to be ironic because men are attempting to read something that they do not understand the true language of. This will result in them constantly being confused and then constantly getting rejected.However, there are several sure signs that women convey with their body, which men could learn to read. You simply need to learn how to understand female body language to make it easier for you to read her mind.Tactic One Pay close attention to her eyes. If a woman is interested in you, she will look straight at you and you should see happiness sparkle in her eyes as she does.Tactic Two If a woman likes you, she will lean forward every time you talk. This movement will let you know that you are the full concentration of her thoughts and that she wishes to get to know you better.


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