Rust: Legacy #1

Wed 1st Jul 2015 - 5:54pm : Gaming


So over the past couple of weeks a group of us have been playing rust on our own server. We started from scratch and learnt how the games works and what we had to do to survive. We initially bought our own server as whenever we joined another just to learn what to do we got killed over and over so was not able to find our feet.


I have to say, Rust is one of the best steam purchases I have made in a long while. It is unbelievable that it is still in Alpha, so once this game is complete and finished it should be out of this world.


What is Rust?

Rust is a minecraft type game where you need to survive through different whethers, other players, starvation and thirst. It is an up to date Minecraft offering amazing graphics and brilliant ways of living and crafting.


Can I play by myself?

Yes you probely could play by yourself however the groups will always dominate you, they will raid you and steal all your stuff if you are not properly protected like we was on others people servers, we simply did not progress.


How long will it take to protect our stuff?

It can take a lot of time depending on what level of protection you want, it took me and 2 others 10 hours each to build and upgrade our buildings, put down traps and build a massive exterior wall to protect ourselves and our items. That is 30 hours collectively!


What is still to be added from the developers?

This much I do not know. I keep checking reddit and the Rust dev blogs and updates roll out at any point


In my opinion you should definately give this game a go before it is fully released, it is decently priced at £14.99 and it is in Alpha so it will only go up in price.




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